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How to Remove Carpet Stains

Carpet is a popular choice for flooring because of its soft texture, versatility of color and style, and benefits such as being a natural insulator, and also being able to stand up well to foot traffic. However, carpet is a floor that can attract things like soil and trap dirt in its fibers. It can also stain fairly quickly and easily. Therefore, it is important to keep a good carpet cleaning regimen. While cleaning your carpet will involve the occasional professional services such as deep cleaning, most carpet care is simpler and easier as long as you keep up with it regularly. At Harry’s Carpet One in Quincy, MA, we have some good tips and tricks for keeping your carpet performing well and looking like new.

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How to Get Red Stains out of Carpet

If a wet substance or liquid like soda, pet urine or juice is spilled on your carpet, it is important to attend to the spill as quickly as possible. While there are new, stain-resistant products being introduced to the market that can aid in stain resistance, a carpet like this is not a stain-proof solution. For reference, we’ve compiled a list of the most common household stain-causers and how to prevent them from permanently staining your carpet here.

How to Get Old Pet Stains out of Carpet

By dry, we are referring to dust, soil or other allergens that get tracked into your home and then become trapped in your carpet’s fibers. Similar to the popular stain-resistant carpets, there are now many carpets that boast soil-resistant treatments or hypoallergenic backing and cushion. While these enhancements will help, frequent vacuuming is the best method for removing soil from carpet. The vacuum loosens the soil and removes it before the soil gets too far worked into the pile. Look for a vacuum with a rotating brush as those are usually the best, but make sure to check your manufacturer’s warranty for the types of products covered. Vacuuming can remove 80% of the soil trapped in carpet, so don’t skip out on those high traffic areas!

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