Carpet Trends

Upgrade your current carpet with a timeless look

Modern Wall to Wall Carpet Trends 

One of the most important decisions you can make as a homeowner is the flooring you choose. The carpet flooring you choose is where you walk, the baby crawls, and where people are most likely to notice if your house is not in good shape. There is no perfect type of carpet, however, you can some close to it by choosing the carpet flooring that best matches the daily use of your home.

What is The Best Type of Carpet?

  • Comfort - The greatest benefit of quality carpet flooring is comfortable and welcomed feel it provides from the first moment someone enters the room.

  • Ambiance - Because there are so many varieties of carpet there is an almost endless number of choices for creating environment desired in a home as a whole and/or  from one room to another.  A careful choice of colors and textures adds depth to a room that might otherwise be bland and boring.

  • Flexibility - Carpet flooring is available in wide variety of colors, styles, and textures making matching your desired color scheme a simple task.

  • Insulation - Homes in colder climates are carpeted more often because of the added insulation  carpet adds. The particular insulation requirements of your home are met by the density of the carpet fibers and thickness of underpadding chosen.

  • Safety - If there are children or the elderly living in your home or visiting it often, carpet flooring is much safer than hardwood or veneers.

How to Clean Carpet

Carpet does require a certain level of maintenance. Color choice and style can reduce time spent on maintenance. A regular vacuuming and yearly deep cleaning keeps your carpet fresh and inviting. Carpet is a sensitive flooring material so stains are easily absorbed. Mildew is always a potential problem in  moist environments.

In spite of these potential problems, you can enjoy the benefits of carpet flooring thanks to professional carpet cleaning services. Even if you vacuum on a regular basis, professional cleaning is essential for removing tough grit.

The carpet you choose determines how much maintenance is needed. There is almost as much variety in stain preventive measures for your carpet as there are colors and textures.

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