Custom Staircase Installations

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Custom Cut Staircase Jobs at Harry's Carpet One Floor & Home in Quincy, MA

At Harry’s Carpet One Floor & Home, we are known for our gorgeous flooring options and installations. Additionally, we are also known for our custom cut stair jobs. Having great customer service is important to us, but creating a trustworthy relationship with our clients through perfect and custom installations is what we take pride in. 

Stair Runner Installation Boston

Custom cut carpet for your stairs is done meticulously. We don’t just cut the pieces in the warehouse and hope that it fits your stairs. Instead, we go over dimensions with you, decide on the right color or pattern, and also pick out the type of carpet you would like. Your carpet will be customized perfectly to the size of each staircase step, and sealed down. No, we won’t leaving you hanging and just cut the pieces and leave them on the stairs. Nor will we just take a long rug or carpet and lay it over the stairs and call it a day. We will make sure each custom cut piece is to the dimensions you asked, and will stay in place for all that running up and down the stairs. 

Carpet Remnants Boston

Some may assume that having custom cut carpet on your staircase will look tacky and take away from your hard surface finish. However, similar to an area rug, custom cut staircases add a pop of color to your room. If it is style you are looking for, your custom cut carpet can deliver the look you were going for; whether it be rustic, modern, or contemporary. You will be pleased to see how nicely a custom cut staircase can bring a room together.

Safe Stair Runners

On the other hand, having carpeted stairs might be important to you because it is safer. Having hard surface stairs are gorgeous, but it can also be dangerous. Having carpeted stairs will create a safe journey up and down the stairs for it will prevent anyone from slipping. Not to mention, having a cozy cushioning underfoot is always comforting. 

Whether you are looking for a safer option for your staircase or to add some style to your home, contact our Harry’s Carpet One Floor & Home team today to learn more about our custom cut stair jobs.