Invincible Hardwood

Style doesn't mean anything if your hardwood floor isn't protected

“Outperforming The Competition in Beauty, Strength, and Durability” 

Hardwood flooring provides a timeless, warm, rich, and natural look to your home. When deciding on the hardwood floor for your home, you, of course, want it to reflect your personal style, but also want it to maintain its appearance.  Kids, pets, and sunlight can affect your hardwood floor overtime with scratches, scuffs, and wear. However, Invincible Hardwood’s Intensity Surface Shield, sealant, and laser cutting system ensures that your hardwood floors natural appearance will last for years.

Intensity Surface Shield

Having a high-performance hardwood floor in your home allows you to live on your floors and not worry about the spills from parties and the accidents from children and pets. Your traditional hardwood floor may have had you running around with cleaning supplies constantly trying to defend your floor from the everyday havoc. Invincible Hardwood is no ordinary floor, and its Intensity Surface Shield will protect the floor from the everyday wear and tear. The high-performance Intensity Shield is known for producing the strongest resistance to scuffs, wear, and scratches. Constructed with layers of aluminum oxide and infused with nano-particles gives the hardwood its strength and ensures that years of use won’t wear it down. 


The Intensity Surface Shield works in coherence with the Tru-Grain sealant. Not only does the sealant provide extra protection, but visually enhances Invincible Hardwood’s color, texture, and natural gran and knots.


At Harry’s Carpet One Floor & Home, we take pride in installing your floors to perfection, but Invincible Hardwood’s advanced milling techniques makes our job that much easier. Plankperfect refers to the innovative computerized sawing and laser cutting technique that creates a tighter tongue and groove fit. By cutting the planks to perfection, this ensures a perfect installation and floor each time. 

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