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Pet Friendly Flooring Quincy, MA

Have you recently bought a pet or plan to do so soon? If so, then you need to consider making your home pet friendly. There is lots to consider. Most prominently, you need to think about the floors. Pets can cause havoc on carpet, for example. Stains and shed hair are at the top of the vast list of pet problems for carpeted homes.

Now, do not get dismayed. Following are the best pet friendly flooring options. Use this knowledge to make your life easier and your home more comfortable for your new pet.

1. Vinyl Tile

Many put down vinyl tile in spaces frequented by pets. This material is naturally liquid resistance, which comes in handy when your pet has a urine accident. Just mop and sanitize the spot.

2. Bamboo

This environmentally friendly option proves a wise choice for pet owners. Durable bamboo wood is very resistant to scratching. Everyday use by dogs and cats will prove no problem for bamboo.

3. Natural Rugs

You can lay out a natural rug on a balcony or other space where you expect your pet to spend a large amount of time.

When it is time to clean, just shake the rug and much of the hair and dirt will disperse. A rug can be an economical option for those who do not want to re-floor their entire home.

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