Tigressá® Carpets

Tigressá® H20, Tigressá® Cherish, & Tigressá® SoftStyle

Having a carpet in your home is very beneficial. Having a Tigressá® carpet in your home will provide you with more benefits than expected. Traditional carpets may have you spending more time cleaning up spills and messes, but Tigressá's® advanced fiber technology gives your carpet the strength to maintain its strength and style.

Tigressa Carpet Constructions

Tigressá® carpets are constructed of tightly woven nylon fibers, which are half the size of human hair. These fibers give the Tigressá® carpets their softness and strength. Even after years of use, you will notice your Tigressá® carpet continues to retain its color and softness, which is Tigressá's® most notable feature. 

Waterproof Carpets

Each Tigressá® collection provides unique features. For instance, the Tigressá® Cherish collection is constructed of recycled resources and uses an advanced color technology to prevent fading. On the other hand, the Tigressá® H20™ collection uses a waterproof construction to stop liquids from soaking into the carpet padding and subfloor. Both Tigressá® carpet collections provide softness and an abundance of styles to fit your personal taste. 

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Tigressá® Carpet Collections

Tigressa H20

Tigressá® H20™

100% waterproof carpet constructions.

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Tigressá® SoftStyle

Softer carpets with stronger fibers for protection against stain and wear.

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Tigressa Cherish

Tigressá® Cherish

Created with recycled resources and inspired by natures hues.

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Having a Tigressá® carpet in your home gives you luxury without the hassle of keeping a close on pets, children, and guests. Even if you miss a spill the first time, you can easily clean it up.

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