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Vinyl Tile

LVT Flooring in Quincy, MA

LVT flooring, or luxury vinyl tile is an updated version of vinyl flooring. LVT is gaining popularity for its versatility as well as durability and ease thanks to new developments in flooring technology. LVT is a special floor because it can be made to look like a few different things. Most popularly, LVT is manufactured to resemble its natural tile counterparts: stone and ceramic. The great thing about LVT is it’s more affordable while still maintaining that beautiful look.

LVT is a low-maintenance floor for sure. Caring for your LVT floors is as simple as sweeping or vacuuming the floor daily to remove any dirt or dust. You’ll need to mop on a weekly basis to keep your floors looking fresh and bright! Vinyl is a floor that pretty much takes care of itself; it will even bounce back from dents caused by heavy impacts or dropped objects!

Installing LVT flooring is simpler than ever with a peel and stick or click and lock method of installation. Peeling and sticking tiles allows for mixing and matching in a much easier fashion than installing ceramic tile would! LVT floors are also seamless which means moisture or other allergens will not make their way underneath or in between the floor to cause issues.

Luxury vinyl floors are made up of layers of protective backing and vinyl. The floors can even resemble natural floors in texture, since they can be embossed to add richness and depth. Vinyl floors are very durable and resilient and with proper care, they are sure to last.

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