Best Wool Carpet Brands

Learn why wool is a favorite choice for carpet constructions

Best Wool Carpet Brands

While choosing a carpet, wool carpets are an excellent choice for the following reasons;

The material is durable. You will be doing yourself a favor getting the best material that will last you a very long time. Wool is flexible: Its nature makes it an easy to style product. Wool carpet looks simply elegant because the material comes out bright and enhances the look of your room. It is ideal for any space whose true colors you want to bring out. It is a worthy investment.

Stain Resistant Carpet

Water and stain resistant: Wool carpet repels water. It also handles stain way better than any other material. It is easy to clean so, you do not have to worry about the kids or pets soiling it up.

Wool Carpet Wall to Wall

Soft and warm feel: Everyone wants to step onto a carpet that makes their feet feel loved. Wool typically massages your feet and keeps you warm. If you like to sit on the floor, it’s even better for you. The yarn feels like a pillow that doesn’t need any more cushioning. It also insulates your house, actually reducing your electricity bill. 

Hypoallergenic: Natural wool has qualities that remove allergens from the hair. It, therefore, renders your home safe and allergy free.
The wool that makes these carpets is all natural. It comes from the sheep as they are on the farm. No animal is harmed in the process of acquiring this vital raw material. One of the reasons why our carpets last as long as they do is because the wool that we use is natural and authentic.

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