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large marble look tile in bathroom with tub and shower

Tile in Quincy, MA

One of the world’s most eclectic floor and décor mediums, tile continues to wow us with its endless customization possibilities. Today, there are more ways to enjoy tile than ever before, with selections suitable for a wide range of uses, styles, and needs. At Harry’s Carpet One Floor & Home of Quincy, MA we’re proud to be greater Norfolk County’s tile destination and can help you complete every project to perfection.



Tile is an eternal flooring favorite, but its abilities aren’t horizontally limited. Tile can be incorporated into all types of projects, including custom showers and brilliant backsplashes. Are you looking towards tile for an upcoming installation? Here’s the lowdown on tile. 



Types of Tiles


Which tile will work best for you? There are thousands of ways to enjoy tile, but one thing to bear in mind is that most products are made from porcelain, ceramic, or natural stone. Stone tile can be an elegant and value-enhancing addition to all types of indoor and outdoor spaces.



Made from natural minerals like granite, slate, quartz, or marble, stone tile is luxurious and unique. It can represent a hefty upfront investment, but well worthwhile, considering that stone can last indefinitely with a bit of TLC.



Porcelain tile, a particular type of ceramic, is fired at a hotter setting. Because of this critical distinction, porcelain tile is much denser than ceramic and is, therefore, a popular outdoor option. Still, porcelain tile is an intelligent decision for any indoor setting, too. There are even porcelain tiles made to resemble your favorite hardwood looks.



If it is a stone or traditional glazed finish you are looking to achieve, ceramic tile should be at the top of your radar. If it is a modern, rustic, or contemporary look you wish to incorporate, our high-quality ceramic tile brands will bring your vision from the showroom to your home. You can even combine tile styles to create a unique look in your space.



Style is always the largest component when deciding on a floor. Nonetheless, durability and sustainability are just as important. Ceramic tile is ideal for high traffic areas such as your mudroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, or basement, because it is not likely to crack, chip, or become damaged.



The price and longevity of ceramic tile makes it the obvious choice for homeowners. Though cheaper than other hard floors, ceramic tile shouldn’t be considered “cheap.” With its list of benefits, including easy maintenance and durability, it only adds to its value. Besides being a flooring option for your home, ceramic tile is incredibly versatile and can also be used in kitchens and bathrooms for backsplashes, showers, countertops, or even murals.



Crafted from stalwart ceramics and porcelains, wood-look tile comes in both planks and traditional tile form. Unlike actual hardwood, your tile floor never needs polishing, sanding, or refinishing. Its care requirements are minimal: sweep your floors now and then, with an occasional mopping. If your home is already heavy on genuine hardwood, wood-look tile lets you keep consistent in the laundry room, entryway, bath, or kitchen. Wood-look tile also makes an intriguing wall paneling.



Where to Tile


Tile, if chosen carefully, can be used throughout your home or business, both indoors and outdoors. Waterproof tile, especially porcelain, works wonderfully on kitchen and bathroom walls, while stone tile is a terrific indoor-outdoor option.



One of the most exciting things about a tile backsplash is just how unique they are. From home to home, you can find a variety of tiles, installation patterns, and designs. Because tile comes in so many patterns, you can make your home one-of-a-kind! We can help you choose from our beautiful selection of tiles for backsplashes in intricate or basic patterns, as well as the color of the grout.



Our Tile Collection


Harry’s Carpet One Floor & Home is proudly part of Carpet One Floor & Home, the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative. With our wide-reaching purchasing power, our tile inventory is hard to top, with leading brands like Daltile represented in our showroom. To learn more about tile, or to check out our product displays, please visit us soon at 676 Hancock Street in Quincy, MA, or shop tile online today. 

Tile Flooring for Kitchens

Tile is the perfect option for kitchen flooring because it is water resistant, easy to clean, and can handle heavy appliances. No need to worry about spills or dropped food when all you have to do it wipe it up.
Tile Flooring in white kitchen with mosaic tile backsplash

Tile Backsplashes

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